The World of Higher Education May Never Be the Same

The coronavirus has upended the world of higher education. Last March, when the coronavirus news began to spread as quickly as the virus itself, universities across the country had to decide on the most effective course of action and quickly. Most importantly, they had to determine what was safer for their students and teachers.

You’ve managed to launch your business on a couple of hundred bucks. You built your enterprise by bootstrapping, following your business plan, working really hard.

If you do not have an assistant, you are one. As businesses grow, they need assistance — not because the entrepreneur is not capable of doing everything herself, but because — why would you want to?

Time to Read

We all know the power of social media, and business owners have realized that blogging is important for the growth of the business. As a business owner once you have realized the power of blogging now it’s time to take the next step and publish an ebook. Every organization is looking for a way to generate as many leads as they can in order to attract new customers.

Window of Opportunity

I grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania — Norman Rockwell America — as the older of two children with amazing parents. To this day, I consider myself fortunate to know what it was like to grow up in a family with an incredible amount of love. I guess you could say that I had an idyllic childhood — building tree houses, catching fireflies at night, and being taught to always do the right thing to help people. It has instilled in me a lifelong desire to give back to others and fight for what is right, just as my parents did.

Five things to remember when considering online video to brand and market your image, products, or services:

According to Yelp, as of August 163,735 businesses have indicated on Yelp that they have closed, and by April, 16 million Americans filed unemployment claims. Maybe you are part of the group that lost their job during the pandemic, and you don’t know whether you will get a job.

Here are methods that you can use.

Reach out to your network

This is the time to reach out…

People in video meetings will be able to smell coffee and feel the presence of each other in the future, the founder and CEO OF Zoom have predicted.

You’re probably sitting there and thinking about how to find a client as a freelancer. Keep in mind that finding the first customer is a complicated process. The first step is usually the most difficult, especially if you don’t have a reputation or credibility.

Growing up in Hershey Pennsylvania on Cocoa Avenue, one might say I know a little bit about chocolate. And you would be correct. This was a fun article for me to write — hope that you enjoy it!!

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods to date. It was also included in the distribution of British soldiers during World War II. There are different types of chocolate, and you can eat it in different ways. …

Linda Handley

Business executive who has successfully managed operations for multi-billion dollar corporations to small startups.

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