The World of Higher Education May Never Be the Same

The coronavirus has upended the world of higher education. Last March, when the coronavirus news began to spread as quickly as the virus itself, universities across the country had to decide on the most effective course of action and quickly. Most importantly, they had to determine what was safer for their students and teachers.

Throughout history, at no other time uncertainty affected universities, educators, administrators, and students. The long-term effects of the COVID-19 virus on the human body are still unknown, not to mention the economic and social impact. In the fall of 2020, some universities turned to e-learning, while…


Branding is the process of defining, conveying, and maintaining your firm’s core values and differentiators. It’s about figuring out who you are, what you stand for, why your clients should care, and then conveyed in a meaningful and consistent way.


A brand refresh is a makeover for your company. It’s the same with your brand. A refresh can keep or update recognized visual elements. Or a new look, tone, and presentation of the overall style will bring fresh recognition. A brand refresh maintains a visual connection to how the brand identity was seen…

At the heart of social media management is engaging with followers. For nonprofits, in particular, I have seen firsthand what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to social media engagement. That’s why I’m sharing the importance of social media matters for nonprofits, the best platforms to use, and top tips to save time and improve results.

Why use social media for nonprofits? 🧐

There are many reasons why you’d want to use social media for your organization. Here are the top 4 advantages:

  1. Build brand awareness: Being active on social media helps you stand out and keeps your name on peoples’ minds. …


Organizing the funding needed to start up a business is one of the biggest hurdles that every aspiring business owner must pass. This business startup journey is made even more difficult as new and aspiring entrepreneurs are often turned down for business loans by many traditional lenders. The good news is that there are plenty of alternative sources of funding that entrepreneurs can use to finance their business dreams. Here are a few ways to get funding for your business.

1. Using Business Credit Cards

There is no doubt that business credit cards are one of the most efficient ways…

PPC advertising helps you direct traffic to your website, and it is usually associated with first-tier search engines. The go-to PPC source for non-profit organizations is Google Grants as they provide users with up to $10,000 a month in PPC advertising through its Ads service. These grants allow your organization to gain exposure without spending exorbitant amounts. When using PPC, the data gathered (bounce rate, engagement, pages visited, etc.) can be used to see what visitors are liking, or not liking. Analysis helps improve website copy and other marketing materials. …

1. Fundraising Platforms

2. CRM Systems

3. Donor Management Software

1. Fundraising Platforms

Peer-to-peer fundraising platforms allow individual supporters to create donation pages on behalf of your nonprofit. … When supporters solicit donations through their pages, the funds are transferred directly to your nonprofit. Each of these platforms offers different potential benefits to your organization.

2. CRM Systems

A Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM Platform) refers to the technology a company employs to manage interactions with a customer.

3. Donor Management Software

Donor management software is a type of nonprofit software that helps organizations understand and maximize their relationships with…

Basically, ThriveCart is software. It’s also known as hosted shopping cart platform that was designed to make selling products and services online easily. It’s perfect for marketers like you with its bump offers and an integrated affiliate platform. ThriveCart is a rare gem in its market. It’s a powerful sales cart that all online marketers can use.

The software is a very robust, hosted software solution full of many features that help you to sell online in a professional and credible way.


• Super clean and easy to understand interface

• Integrates with all major payment gateways

• Offers…

So you’ve got this mind-blowing idea you want to share with millions of web users, then you need the tips to give your content more personality.

It is important to let your personality show forth in order to make your content more engaging.

Consider it as a way of stealing your audience’s attention by writing in your own words and in the best way that shows your uniqueness.

Because when you do, you’ll also earn your reader’s trust, and turn your visitors into loyal readers.

The best part is, you’ll still be sending out valuable information, but one that is…

We all know the power of social media, and business owners have realized that blogging is important for the growth of the business. As a business owner once you have realized the power of blogging now it’s time to take the next step and publish an ebook. Every organization is looking for a way to generate as many leads as they can in order to attract new customers.

Ebooks become the bread and butter strategy for lead generation and bringing more customers to the business.

Distributing ebooks to customers, clients and potential buyers is a great way to promote your…

You’ve managed to launch your business on a couple of hundred bucks. You built your enterprise by bootstrapping, following your business plan, working really hard.

You’re moving along, grabbing from your toolbag of bootstrapping magic tricks to inch forward. You’re borrowing from Peter to pay that irksome Paul, and it’s really not much fun anymore.

Then there’s a critical point at which you see the potential more than ever but you just don’t know how to scale to meet it. You can get past this challenge. …

Linda Handley

Business executive who has successfully managed operations for multi-billion dollar corporations to small startups.

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